With our own German datacenters in Herford and Muenster, we offer our customers a wide range of scenarios. A decisive role is played by the modular building set concept, which makes every requirement up to individual customization possible. We provide a broad spectrum of services, for example housing & hosting, cloud storage, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, dedicated exchange, file sharing, mail archiving, e-mail and endpoint protection or SIEM.

For example, we can expand existing exchange servers with mail archives from the datacenter and secure them with e-mail security, or develop your backup concept, build it customer-specifically and combine it with additional resources from the datacenter. In principle, the customer decides which service he wants to manage himself or "only" use. This decision is independent of whether the solution is provided at the customer's site or by one of our datacenters. During the decision-making process, we accompany you throughout the entire project with close communication and guidance.

New technologies and high quality standards are integral parts of our philosophy. Whether redundant internet connections incl. multi gigabit and independent carrier with own high-speed lines or user-friendly, flexible backup solutions. In addition, we guarantee continuous operation to the highest standards with our certified high-performance data centers.

The unique security operation center (SOC) and our helpdesk experts guarantee professional support throughout. Your contacts are on site around the clock and provide direct assistance. By means of monitoring and patch management, we also ensure that control and protection are always guaranteed.